Montgomery, AL

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Jasmine hill gardens and outdoor museum, “Alabama’s little corner of Greece,” now features over 20 acres of year-round floral beauty and classical sculpture, including new statuary honoring Olympic heroes.

the Olympian Centre welcomes visitors with a video presentation of jasmine hill’s history and a display of Olympic memorabilia from the games of past years. a tour of jasmine hill, now completely accessible to visitors with disabilities, offers spectacular and ever-changing views, including our full-scale replica of the temple of Hera ruins as found in Olympia, Greece, the birthplace of the Olympic flame.


 Jim Scott’s lakeside garden on Lake Martin in Alabama is amazing and spectacular. As you view the garden rooms keep in mind all of the rocks were brought in. None of the rocks you see were part of the natural habitat. This garden has been evolving for twelve years now. Southern Living magazine has featured this garden. You may view article and pictures here. Quoting from Southern Living ” this garden is a labyrinth of intersecting trails, meandering streams, hideaways, and surprises. And while (Jim Scott) is not a landscape architect, he could teach such a professional a thing or two. Each   waterfall, wildflower, and moss- shawled boulder looks like it’s been nestled here since God made Earth. “

  On April 24 and 25 we had 15 members of the Club attend the workshop led by John Dersham.John Dersham “It always amazes me that you can have 20 people shooting in the same area almost standing in the same place yet everyone’s eye is so different that you get 20 totally different sets of images. Individual creativity is a wonderful gift to share with each other. A special thanks to the JSU field school staff and to each of you who attended. It was great and I am enjoying seeing your work as you share them.”

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